Seed Balls


Grow your own fresh garden herbs, leafy greens and bee-friendly flowers with Australian made Urban Greens Seed Ball Bombs.

Each ball contains non-GMO seeds rolled in nutrient rich compost, mineral clay (to protect from birds and insects) and a dash of chilli powder (to ward off snails and slugs). Balls are packaged in cute little reusable and recyclable tins, making them completely plastic free.

 Made in Australia

 24 seed balls in each tin

 5-50 seeds per ball depending on seed variety

Kitchen Herbs: Parsley, basil, chives, coriander and mint. Best planted Autumn to Spring.

Leafy Greens: mizung, rocket (or loose leaf lettuce depending on season), mustard greens and chicory. Best planted late Spring to Autumn.

Bee Friendly Flowers: white daisies, californian poppies, schizanthus, alyssum and nemophila (baby blue eyes). Best planted Spring to Autumn.

Cottage Garden Flowers: Cosmos, shirley single poppies, dwarf polka dot mix cornflowers, coreopsis and nemesia. Best planted Spring to Autumn.

Field of Poppies: Red flanders, double mixed and single mixed poppies. Best planted late Summer to Autumn. 

Tomato Garden: Heirloom mix, cherry mix, san mazarno and grosse lisse. Best planted in Spring.

Directions: Scatter on top of soil in a sunny position, press lightly to make contact with the soil (do not bury), and water every 2 days. Most seeds germinate within 2-21 days. You could also scatter them (gorilla gardening style) and let the rain and nature take its course. 

End of life: Tin is reusable and easily recyclable in your council collection.