Bone Warming Balm


Seedstar Bone Warming Balm is wildcrafted on Kangaroo Island to offer relief from joint pain.

Clematis (commonly known as old man’s beard) and Stinging Nettle are wild plants that bring warmth and circulation to the joints and repetitive pains, offering relief and reducing inflammation.  Paperbark compliments and supports these properties.

Can be used for passing aches and pains and on long term conditions such as arthritis, damaged joints or long-term sore spots. 

Use: Massage into affected areas daily or as required.

Contains organic + wild harvested ingredients: Clematis (Old Mans Beard), Nettle Root, Paperbark-Tea Tree, Lavender, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil and Kangaroo Island Beeswax.


End of life: Tin is reusable and recyclable.