Green Healing Balm - for Mums and Bubs


Organic Parva Green Healing Balm for Mums and Bubs is a 'new mum's essential ', and makes a great gift. Gently soothes nappy rash, stretching tums and cracked skin.

Handmade in northern NSW in small batches, using natural botanicals, locally sourced where possible.

 Made in Australia.

 Plastic free.

 Free from essential oils. Suitable for newborns and sensitive bits.

Ingredients: calendula*, rosemary*, chamomile, plantain, chickweed, st johns wort, comfrey, spirulina infused olive oil (AU), beeswax* (AU), and vitamin E (US). *certified organic.

Use: Apply  to irritated area as needed.

Packaging: Cardboard is recyclable and home compostable.

End of life: This product is all natural and biodegradable.