Intuitive Blends Pillow Mist - Sleep Blend


Our Intuitive Blends Pillow Mist was specially formulated using the purest doTERRA essential oils to help you achieve a peaceful night's sleep.


 Made in Australia

Inhaling Essential oils is one of the quickest ways to change your mental and/or emotional state.  

Intuitive Blends Pillow Mist has been synergistically formulated using a combination of essential oils known for their calming, centering and relaxing properties.  When the essential oils are inhaled, the molecules pass the olfactory bulb located behind the bridge of the nose, before reaching the limbic system of the brain where powerful emotions and memories are made.  When you incorporate essential oils into a bed-time routine, the power of suggestion starts to kick in even after a short period of use, so every time you spray your pillows and bed linen with this synergistic blend, your brain recognises the signals to switch off and prepare for sleep.

Ingredients:  Essential oils of Lavender, Clary Sage, Marjoram and Tangerine. 

Usage: Spray your pillows and leave to dry for 5 minutes, then get into bed and allow the oils to gently help you drift off to a restful night’s slumber.

End of life: The formula is biodegradable, the amber glass bottle is recyclable, and the spray trigger is recyclable through Terracycle collection points including the Recycle Smart initiative.