Fellow Carter Reusable Cup


Looking for a Reusable Travel Coffee Cup or Thermos with a completely sealable no-leak lid? You'll just love the Carter Move Mugs and Carter Everywhere Mugs. They're perfectly designed for when you're on the move - car, bike, backpack, whatever.

Move Mug - Use as a travel cup. Comes with an Internal snap-in splash guard, so you don't end up with a face full of hot cocoa by accident. Fits neatly in your car cup holder.

Everywhere Mug - Very versatile. Can be used as a travel keep cup or a thermos. These handy tumblers carry anything from hot coffee, tea, to soups and even cold salads. Broader style may not fit in some car cup holders.

 Keeps contents cold for 24 hours and Hot for 12 hours

 Vacuum-insulated stainless steel with ceramic coating so your coffee tastes like coffee, not the cup

 Thin lipped for comfortable drinking

 Designed in San Francisco and made in China

Care: Hand wash only

Packaging: None

End of life: Check with your local scrap metal dealer for recycling viability.