Your Wild Books by Brooke Davis


For more green and less screen.

Help kids develop a deep love and respect for nature with Your Wild Books by Australian nature play educator Brooke Davis. Each book includes more than 20 wonderful activities to inspire children aged 2-12 years.

 Made in Australia

 Vegetable based inks and FSC certified paper

 Templates included

Your Wild Imagination - Filled with engaging outdoor play including christmas treats, story stones, wood whistling, magic potions, Clay ornaments and more.

Your Wild Child - More great nature activities including bug journaling, rock art, bird feeder, wind catcher, earth jewellery plus activities you can do indoors.

Your Wild Journal - Beautifully illustrated this journal aims to help you achieve mindfulness, gratefulness and a deeper connection with nature. Learn to draw, record your observations and thoughts. Suitable for 7 - 107 years.

End of life: Books can be shared with friends, regifted, or dropped into a street library for someone else to enjoy. If they really fall apart they can be recycled through your paper bin.


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