Earth Mother Care Kit


Our lovingly curated Earth Mother Care Kit is the perfect sustainable gift box for the eco-conscious new mum.

Note: Colours of fabric items may vary within  colour range selected.

All products are made in Australia so your purchase supports local businesses. 

 L'ascari Solid Natural Perfume in a Tin - Earth

 Winnow Organic Dark Chocolate 

 Parva Green Healing Balm

 Reusable Cloth Pad - Overnighter 

 Reusable Cotton Breast Pads and Pouch

 Reusable Cotton Face Wipe 

See product pages for more details on individual products.

Packaging: Reusable gift box made from recycled cardboard.

End of life: Cotton products are biodegradable and home compostable, paper and cardboard packaging can be home composted, metal tin can be recycled.

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