-Your Choices Matter-
-Your Choices Matter-

African Market Baskets - Mini Round


Gorgeous Round African Market Baskets. Super strong, stylish and built to last. Handmade in Ghana by individual artisans. Leather wrapped handles for added strength and comfort. 

These mini round baskets are great as a small hamper for gifts, to carry phone, wallet, water bottle, as a child's basket, or to store smaller items in the home. 

 Fair trade

 All natural materials and dyes

 Small baskets measure approx. Diameter 20-24 cm, Height  12-15 cm (without handle). However, please note that sizes can vary considerably and if this is an issue contact us for exact size of any particular basket.

 Funds help support children’s education in Ghana (The Adinkra Project/African Youth Initiative)

End of life: 100% biodegradable and home compostable.

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