Aroma Room Diffuser


Discreetly scent your room or workspace with a beautiful Aroma Room Diffuser by L'ascari. Made from glass, wood and aromatherapy oil blends, diffusers are a great low waste alternative to burning candles or oil burners.

The 10 black sticks absorb the oil blend slowly, dispersing scent into the air. To refresh, you may like to flip one stick every couple of weeks. It's a good idea to use a piece of fabric or paper to cover fingers when doing so.

595: Tobacco Leaf & Vetiver

625: Oak, Citrus & Amber

Made in Australia


 Last 6-9 months.

 Boxed and gift ready

End of life: Glass bottle can be refilled, reused, and recycled. Plastic lids cannot be recycled. Sticks are biodegradable and can be rinsed and home composted. Cardboard packaging can be reused, recycled and home composted.