Bee & Insect Hotel


Our Bee & Insect Hotel is a stylish and sustainably made stopover for important guests.

 Designed and Hand Made in Sydney for Asiki by Gunning Design, using rescued untreated pine from a film set and fresh green bamboo growing in Sydney.

 Made in Australia  

 Native Australian bees are generally solitary and build nests in hollow logs, the holes in trees and dead plants or in holes in the ground or cracks in walls. 

 Bee Hotels provide an attractive resting place for native bees and other solitary bees. You can encourage them to pop in by planting your garden with bee friendly flowers, having water in the area and some bush like environment such as old leaf litter and twigs.

Setting it up

Loose green bamboo has been used to provide spaces of different sizes which appeal to solitary bees and other insects which come in different sizes. The bamboo is green when the Hotels are built and as it dries over time it will start to shrink.  It is loosely placed into the Hotel in order to avoid the use of toxic glues.

We suggest setting the Hotel up with the cardboard cover in place and removing it once it is in place to stop the bamboo from falling out. Then add your own interior design by inserting bits of bark and twigs into the gaps and packing them in as the spaces appear to stop the “rooms” coming out.

Bee Hotels are best hung between 1 and 2 metres from the ground. They are designed to provide guests with some shelter from sun and rain, but you can also hang them in a place that provides some natural shelter.

The outside of the Hotel can be oiled, painted (non-toxic paints), or decorated as you wish but we think it looks pretty stylish how it is.

Bees and Insects prefer an environment free of chemicals,  so try to avoid using them, there are lots of natural alternatives to help plants grow.

Remember our Hotel isn’t only for Bees - many other adventurous insects may also visit and stay awhile.

End of life: The Bee Hotel is made up of biodegradable and home compostable components.