-Your Choices Matter-
-Your Choices Matter-

Denim Dancing Jackets by Day Keeper


Leah Giblin's Day Keeper brand is dedicated to sustainable clothing manufacture of timeless pieces. These stunning jackets are made from repurposed and deadstock denim panels with 100% cotton lining.

The repurposed denim comes from a shipment of brand new jeans that were deemed faulty by the manufacturer and destined for landfill. Patching the jackets together from the jeans takes HOURS but is worth it to save the denim!

Denim Dancing jackets are slowly and ethically made by hand in Tasmania by Marianne Close who studied costume-making with Leah Giblin at NIDA. Every detail has been carefully considered and executed and the result is the very opposite of fast fashion. These are limited edition pieces made to last for generations.

Model is an AU size 6-8 wearing a size XL Crop

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