Eco Dye Kit


Learn how to naturally dye fabric using flower petals, seeds, leaves and herbs. This beautiful plant based Eco Dye Kit by Jo B makes a lovely, mindful, self care activity or inspiring eco friendly gift for the creative souls in your life.

 Made in Australia

Each bundle dye kit contains:

1 x 550ml glass and cork re-useable jar

1 x instructions on how to Eco Dye

1 x Silk Satin Scarf (for head or neck) 10cm x 100cm

1 x Jute String (for silk bundle)

1 x Glass cork Jar of Turmeric

Eco Dyeing Materials: flower petals, seeds, herbs, leaves, tea, onion skins and other treasures of nature primarily gathered around the Central Coast of NSW.

End of life: Glass Jar and cork are both reuseable and recyclable. All dyeing ingredients are biodegradable and home compostable.