jonny. Organic Natural Condoms


Travel safely with eco-friendly jonny. Organic Natural Condoms. No, you can't reuse them, but they're definitely the 'greenest' condoms on the planet (as well as being the cutest). 

 Australian company

 Vegan friendly

 Complies with all Australian and international standards and testing.

Contains natural latex (from the rubber plant), cornstarch, and silicone oil lubricant. No spermicides, palm oil, parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, flavours or fragrances.

Overnighter - pack of 3

Weekender - pack of 6 

Lover's Dozen - pack of 13

Packaging: The cardboard box is recyclable. Each condom comes with a disposable FabLitteBag to discourage flushing. Made mostly of natural materials, they take 12 months to degrade in landfill. By law, each condom must be packaged in a foil wrapper which is non-biodegradable.

End of life: The condom itself is biodegradable.