L'ascari Cologne Discovery Set


Looking for a natural perfume or cologne but not sure which one is for you? L'ascari Discovery Set contains all 10 L'ascari Unisex Body Fragrances allowing you to find the one that is just right for each occasion, or create your own signature scent by layering 2 or more oil blends. The mini sample size bottles are also great for travel.

Blends 40, 50, 156, 206, 312, 340, 458, 500, 625, 857

Ingredients- coconut oil, essential oils, fragrance.

 10 x 3ml bottles

 Hand made in Australia in small batches

 Alcohol Free

 Cruelty free

Use - Rub roller ball on pulse points; apply as often as desired.

Packaging: Recyclable metal tin box

End of life: Essential oils are biodegradable. Tin Box is reusable and recyclable. Roller bottles are made of 'mixed materials' (ie glass, metal and some plastic) and are not accepted as council recycling. To recycle, please take to your nearest Terracycle Personal Care Accessories collection.