Laundry Soap Stick & Stain Remover - lemon and eucalyptus


This fabulous little eco friendly Laundry Soap Stick by Ooray Hill Farm is great for hand washing and treating stains on clothes and fabric. Infused with natural lemon and eucalyptus essentials oils, it smells simply wonderful!  

 Made in Australia

 Plastic free

 Approx 70g

 Palm oil free

 Also great for travel

Machine Washing: Dampen clothing, rub on bar, and pop straight into machine. No time for a full wash? Skip the machine bit and just hand rinse area and dry.

Hand washing: Crumble a little in water and hand wash item or swish stick around in a tub or basin until some dissolves then use to wash.

This product is not suitable for direct machine washing (although we have been known to grate some and dissolve in warm water to create liquid washing detergent when stocks were low). 

Ingredients- saponified organic coconut oil, saponified organic castor oil, spring water, bicarbonate soda, lemon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil.

Packaging: Recyclable.

End of life: Biodegradable.