Leaf Razor and Accessories


Plastic free shaving in style. 

Leaf have redesigned the classic safety razor with both modern style and comfort in mind. This high end razor will look at home in the most luxurious of homes.

 Razors and Stands available in Matte Silver or Chrome

 Built in pivoting head holds up to 3 blades

 Blade bank - allows safe disposal of blades for future recycling 

 Razor blades - 50 single-edge (half-DE) blades. Made using cold-forged Swedish steel, with a platinum coating to stay sharper longer.

Easy blade removal/replacement: turn screw counter clockwise, load the blades (3 for close shave, remove bottom blade for sensitive skin or areas), tighten screw by turning clockwise

Use: Wash area first to soften hair and open pores, lather well with a good shave soap, let weight of razor do the work - do not press when shaving, rinse razor frequently keeping razor and skin damp throughout

Blade care: for ultimate long life, open razor between shaves, rinse well and allow blades to dry thoroughly before closing. Use an old toothbrush now and then for extra cleaning. To deep clean razor from time to time soak for 10 mins in a 1 vinegar:2water solution, then gently clean with dish soap, brush gently and towel dry.

End of life: All components can be recycled. Tip old blades into an empty tin and recycle at your local depot then reuse blade bank.