Linen Apron and Art Smock - Kids


Kids love cooking and craft, and we're thrilled to introduce our fabulous Linen Aprons and Art Smocks for children (and smaller adults). Designed by Asiki co-founder Natanya. A beautiful gift for the junior chef or artist in your life.

This beautiful design has buttons so you can adjust them to fit the wearer making them easily shared among household members. Also available in adult size

 Designed in Australia

 Wooden Buttons

 50 x 70 cm

End of life:  Repairable. If beyond repair, then linen can be repurposed to make napkins or handkerchiefs, or used to stylishly patch up other torn fabric items. (See our Visible Mending Kits). Anything you might be left with after that can be used to stuff toys or cushions or as rags. Finally, at the very end of life it is biodegradable and home compostable.