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NueBar Shampoo Bars


Rid your bathroom of plastic bottles of chemical rich shampoo. 

We've fallen in love with naturopath formulated Nuebar Shampoo Bars. Enriched with organic oils and botanicals, they're pH balanced to leave your hair feeling beautifully clean and soft. 

 Handmade in Australia

 Plastic free


 Up to 80 washes per bar

 Free from soap, palm oil, sulphates (SLS), and parabens

 Mini 15g variants available for travel and trial purposes

 Add a string Bits Bag - helps you use up the last bits of your bar. Simply pop them in the bag, apply water and rub. Marked with an 'S' or a 'C' so you can remember which bar it is. The string bag is also great for hanging bars and keeping them drained and dry between use.

Normal - with organic coconut oil, cocao butter and ghassoul clay. Scented with essential oils of pink grapefruit and orange. 

Fragrance Free - Designed for sensitive folk with low allergenic organic extra virgin olive oil, cocao butter and oats. No essential oils. 

Curly or Dry - with organic argan oil and cocao butter. Lightly scented with ylang ylang, orange, lavender and cedarwood. 

Oily - with neem oil, organic olive oil infused with calendula flower, and ghassoul clay. Scented with orange and cedarwood essential oils. 

Use & Care: Add water to create a light lather. Dry bar well between use.

Packaging: Recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable.

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