Peri Moon Balm


This beautiful product has been wild crafted by Seedstar on Kangaroo Island to offer external support during peri-menopause and is designed to assist with hot flushes, anxiety and emotional instability.

Sheoak and Kangaroo Apple are wild medicines that combine to offer support, stability and acknowledgment to women going through this important phase of life.  

Apply to inner ankles and inner leg below the knee, as well as the tops of the feet.  Can be used daily or morning and night as required.  Also great for a more prolonged foot massage.

Organic + wild harvested ingredients: sheoak nut, kangaroo apple fruit, passionflower, calendula + lavender with e(art)h essences of star moss, kangaroo apple and sheoak in castor + macadamia oil + Kangaroo Island beeswax.


End of life: Tin is reusable and recyclable.