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Plastic Free Band Aids - Kids On The Go Bandage Kit


Biodegradable Kids On The Go Bandage Kit by Patch contains a selection of great kids prints in assorted sizes. These travel tins have everything you need for life’s little accidents. Perfect for school bags, popping in the car, the caravan, and the first aid cupboard at home.

Hyperallergenic and breathable, these bandages aid healing but don't pollute the earth like regular plastic bandaids. 


  • 10x Panda Bandage Strips
  • 5x Unicorn Bandage Strips
  • 5x Lion Bandage Strips
  • 2x Large Square Panda Patches
  • 2x Large Rectangle Panda Patches
  • 5x Panda Bandage Dots
  • 1x Refillable Patch Travel Tin

     Australian company


     Certified organic bamboo

    Packaging: Biodegradable and home compostable

    End of life: Biodegradable

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