-Your Choices Matter-
-Your Choices Matter-

Princess Body Brush - Dry Brushing


This lovely, Princess Body Brush by Ecomax is designed for dry body brushing. The soft jute fibres make it great for delicate, mature or sensitive skin and the long handle allows easy reach. As an added bonus it's all natural and plastic free!

Gently dry brushing the body followed by a shower or bath helps with exfoliation, increases circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system which helps detoxify the body.

 Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka by a small family run company

 Fair trade

 Vegan certified

 Gentle jute bristle

 Plastic free

  L: 54.5cm, head W: 14cm

Care:  Hang to dry between uses. Wash regularly with a natural antiseptic wash such as vinegar and dry in the sun. Don’t leave continually damp or in water for long periods.

Packaging: None

End of life: Biodegradable and home compostable

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