Reusable Net Produce Bags, Naturally Dyed (set of 3)


Stand out at the supermarket with these lovely lightweight, organic cotton Reusable Net Produce Bags. The 'praprika' colour is a natural dye derived from seeds and plants, all chemically free. 

These eco friendly bags replace the need for single use plastic bags, so you can also use them at bulk food stores, bakeries, farmers markets and grocers. 

Makes a lovely eco friendly gift.  

 3 x Produce Bags - 'Paprika'

 Medium - 25cm x 29cm

 Super lightweight, see through and sturdy

 Holds up to 2 kgs of produce each

 Australian designed and owned by The Keeper.

 Ethically made in India

Care: Gentle cold wash and line dry. 

End of life: Repairable > Biodegradable and home compostable.