-Your Choices Matter-
-Your Choices Matter-

Black Silk and Hand Beaded Collar by Day Keeper


Leah Giblin's Day Keeper brand is dedicated to sustainable clothing manufacture of timeless pieces.

Detachable 100% silk organza collar, hand-beaded with tiny glass beads and embellished with custom silver tabs on the tie ends.

The beads on this piece are also instructions for where to press the collar after washing. Just match the beads to find your pleats! 

Turns a simple shirt, tank, tee or cami into a stunning statement.

The pieces in this collection have been slowly and ethically made by hand by Leah and a team of skilled local makers, using painstaking historical techniques and dye processes. Every detail has been carefully considered and executed and the result is the very opposite of fast fashion. These are limited edition pieces made to last for generations.

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