Air Freshener Room Spray in glass bottle


Reduce waste and nasty chemical use by switching to The Haze Air Freshener Room Spray in a glass bottle - a lovely, natural way to scent and refresh any space.

Made by Hunter Candles, The Haze can be use in your bedroom, including as a pillow spray, in the bathroom, car, or to freshen up your exercise props and equipment. It can even be used on your wrist.

Made in Australia

 About 1000 sprays per 100ml bottle. One spray goes a long way. 

 Amber glass bottle stops sunlight impacting the oils

Australia - blue gum + lemon myrtle + wattle

Jessica - daisy + geranium

Deborah - fig tree

End of life: Amber glass bottle can be refilled, reused, and recycled. Plastic spray trigger can be reused but not recycled in your council recycling bin.