The Reeds Diffuser by Hunter Candles


The Reed Diffuser by Hunter Candles is a beautiful and low waste way to scent your home or workplace. 

Reed diffusers are a great alternative for candles and oil burners when you want a slow release scent without flames or electricity. Perfect for every room in the home.

Ten reeds stand in your vessel allowing the oils to climb up slowly and disperse the scent.

For optimum fragrance levels, flip the reeds every week or two. Make sure you use a scrap of old fabric or paper to cover your fingers when you do this.

Made in Australia


 Last 4 months.

 Boxed and gift ready

 Cotton cloth bag can be used to store reeds if you want to rest them and close the bottle between uses.

 Amber glass bottle stops sunlight impacting the oils

End of life: Amber glass bottle can be refilled, reused, and recycled. Plastic lids cannot be recycled. Reeds are biodegradable and can be rinsed and home composted. Cardboard packaging and cotton cloth bag can be reused, recycled and home composted.