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Warndu Loose Leaf Tea


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Did you know that most tea bags contain microplastics that make there way into our tea and our oceans? Loose leaf tea is better for you and the environment and Warndu Loose Leaf Teas have the added bonus of being made in Australia from 100% locally sourced, seasonal and wild-harvested produce.

 Warndu is an Indigenous owned company committed to the use of Native Australian Ingredients in their products. Warndu means good in the Adnyamathanha language native to the Flinders Ranges country in South Australia. 


Quandong & Anise Myrtle: sweet and sour peach with a hint of aniseed

Finger lime & mild mint: citrusy mint as the name suggests

Strawberry gum & elderflower: mild strawberry and eucalyptus flavour with a strong strawberry aroma

Australian Native 3 Lemon: lemon myrtle, native lemon grass and lemon verbena

Davidson Plum & Lemon Myrtle: pink tea with hints of stewed rhubarb and citrus

 hand-blended to ensure a perfect balance of delicious Native Australian flavours


 made from premium dried herbs and fruits  

 Shelf life: 12 months

 50 grams 

End of life: Box and tea are biodegradable and home compostable. Inner sleeve is a home compostable bio plastic and is included to keep your tea fresh for much longer. 

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