Wildcrafted Hand Rolled Incense


This beautiful hand rolled Seedstar Incense is wildcrafted on Kangaroo Island (called Karta in the Ramindjeri language) with respect to the teachings and essences of the plants.

 Handmade + rolled with mixture of wild harvested, organic and ethically sourced plant materials.

 Burns for approx. 60 mins.

 10 sticks per box.

Dream Landing: Blended with local lavender and rosemary with WA sandalwood and juniper berries to create a gentle aromatic experience that can support relaxation and sweet dreams. Invigorated with FLOW e(art)h essences and shungite stone.

Oracle:  A grounding blend of 3 different varieties of pine including heartwood, pine pollen, and resin which are great to support concentration. Invigorated with WONDER e(art)h essence.

Dear: Blended with local sheoak and rose designed to evode openness and trust. Invigorated with heartwarming HEARTWOMB e(art)h essence.

Useage: Light a stick and place in a bowl of sand/dirt/rice

End of life: Remove sticker and recycle or compost cardboard packaging.