Winnow Organic Chocolate


Treat yourself or a friend to delicious Winnow Organic Chocolates - freshly handmade in the Blue Mountains. We've selected our absolute gourmet favourites to create a little Chocolate Shop just for you! 

 Made in Australia

 Plant Based (dark varieties only)

 Dairy free and gluten free options. (May contain traces of nuts. Processed in a kitchen which handles dairy, nuts and gluten.)

 Dark chocolate varieties are suitable for vegans.

Mixed Berries: Organic dark chocolate topped with freeze dried raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries.

SaltOrganic dark chocolate sprinkled with sea salt.

Spice: Organic dark chocolate with cinnamon, chilli, nutmeg, dried blueberries and cranberries.

Australian Range: Milk Chocolate with lemon myrtle and macadamia.

Blackberry Gin & Tonic: Organic dark chocolate with freeze dried blackberries, organic lime oil and organic juniper berry oil.

Roasted Almond & Sea Salt: Organic dark chocolate, roasted almonds and sea salt.

Salted Hazelnut Crunch: Organic milk chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and sea salt.

Roast Wattleseed & Honey Macadamia: Organic dark chocolate, ground roast wattle seed, honey roast macadamias. Contains nuts. Dairy free. 

Blackberry & Coconut Swirl: Organic white chocolate, desiccated coconut, freeze dried blackberry powder.

Ultimate Chocolate Crackle: Organic milk chocolate with rice bubbles & coconut. Delicious! 

Lavender & Honey: Organic milk chocolate with sweet honey and floral lavender.

End of life: The chocolate is biodegradable (no chance of waiting for that!). The outer paper wrap is recyclable. The inner gold wrap is mixed materials (foil and paper) and cannot be recycled.