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Asiki Crocheted Shark Eco Toy


Looking for an earth friendly, Australian made soft toy? Meet Broulee, the Grey Nurse Shark.

Hello, I am Broulee. I am quite shy and like to spend my time just above the sea bed in or near deep sandy-bottomed gutters or rocky caves, in the vicinity of inshore rocky reefs.

Did you know The Grey Nurse Shark was the first protected shark in the world when it was protected under New South Wales legislation in 1984.

Note: These very special crocheted toys are Hand Made in Australia especially for Asiki who source all components and work closely with our wonderful makers to ensure they are biodegradable and compostable at end of life.

 Made in Australia 

 Plastic free

 100% cotton fibre + 100% corn fibre filling  

 Naturally hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial

  41 cm long from nose to end of fins

 For play under adult supervision 

Learn more here.

End of life: Home compostable and biodegradable. 

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