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Parker Safety Razor + blades


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Reusable safety razors are having a comeback! If you're ready to switch from your plastic disposables, we've got you covered. NEW VARIETIES NOW IN STORE

Parker Safety Razors are some of the most popular safety razors on the market, suitable for both men and women. Each razor comes with a 5 pack of replacement blades.

 Made in India from strong nickel plated brass.

 Long 10cm handle is easy grip when wet,  and the twist-to-open head makes changing blades safe and easy.

 This is a one time purchase. Save hundreds of dollars each year.

Use: Lather skin well with shave soap. Hold razor on a 30 degree angle and make short, light strokes to shave. Unlike disposable razors, you do not have to apply pressure to get a smooth shave. Take care when replacing blades. Do not touch or wipe dry the blade. Keep out of reach of children. 

End of life: Both the razor and razor blades are recyclable. Collect used blades in a tin or metal can and once full, drop off at your local scrap metal dealer. 

 * Replacement blades also sold separately.

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