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-Your Choices Matter-
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Natural Rubber and Jute Yoga Mat


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Looking for an eco friendly yoga mat? Second Earth Natural Rubber and Jute Yoga Mats are a stylish, non-toxic, sustainable option for your yoga practice.


We use them regularly ourselves and LOVE them. We have one in-store for you to test run your 'Downward Dog'.  It has such a great grip, and doesn't curl up at the ends like other mats.

 Comes with a cotton carry strap/stretch strap

 2.2 kg makes them a comfortable carry weight

 Natural tree rubber* and jute are sustainably and ethically sourced

 Jute fibres reinforce the rubber to provide better structure, strength and durability and create a tactile anti-slip surface. 


 Australian company and design

  Manufactured under ethical work conditions in South-East Asia

Vegan friendly

 Non-toxic - no PVC, TPE, plasticisers, glues or binding agents

 Safe for children and pregnant women

Details: Length: 175cm, Width: 61cm, Thickness: 4mm

*Natural rubber mats may contain naturally occurring latex proteins.

Packaging: Cardboard box and paper label are recyclable, or pick up package free from our store and we will reuse the box.

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