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Earth friendly soft toys that are truly sustainable

by Anna Nettheim

Did you know that most soft toys found in Australia are made in large quantities in overseas factories using non-sustainable resources?

They are cheap to purchase, enjoyed for a short while, and made of materials that are destined to end up in landfill. Outer fabrics are mostly made from polyester or other synthetic fibres or fibre blends, they are stuffed with polyester based materials which contain microplastics, and features such as eyes and mouths are usually plastic and/or sewn on with synthetic thread.

None of these materials are biodegradable or can be recycled at end of life. Their mass production mean they have low value and are more likely to be thrown out than repaired, passed on, or recycled.

Even some soft toys marketed as "sustainable" or "eco friendly toys" generally contain polyester stuffing, so make sure you read the product information carefully.


Asiki decided to address this issue by producing our own soft toys which are designed and made with a focus on sustainability and circular design.

Our crocheted and fabric eco toys are all made in Australia from 100% cotton thread and locally sourced cotton and linen vintage fabrics. They are filled with corn fibre, which is biodegradable and home compostable at end of life and won't harm the environment even if incinerated.

We souce and provide our makers with all the materials they need and work with them in close collaboration to achieve products of high quality.

Our makers are talented self-employed women who work at their own pace and are paid fairly for their work at rates they set themselves. 

Our eco toys, like most of our products, are sold unpackaged. If shipped or gift wrapped, recycled and recyclable unbleached packaging materials are used.

To encourage repair of all fabrics including toys, Asiki also stock plastic free sewing kits and visible mending and embroidery kits and hold visible mending workshops in store.

We think these very special toys are keepers and make fabulous gifts for the kids in your life (or for your own inner child) that will be treasured long into the future. But wherever the case, they have been designed to completely biodegrade at end of life, returning nutrients to the earth and doing no harm to the environment.

To learn more about these eco friendly, Australian made soft toys visit Asiki online or in store at Erskineville, Sydney, Australia

May 27, 2023 — Anna Nettheim