Clay Face Mask


Treat yourself to a beautiful Wanderlightly Clay Face Mask. Straight from nature and no plastic packaging in sight.

Local and organic ingredients used where possible.

  Made in Australia


  Minimal packaging. Decant into a reusable jar if you prefer.

Collagen Boost (all skin types) - Seaweed + Kaolin Clay Mask. Aids skin restoration and rejuvenation. Contains seaweed powder, natural kaolin clay, chamomile oil and carrot seed oil.

Pamper (normal to oily skin) - Smells 'choc-orange' delicious. Draws impurities, reduces inflammation, and aids new cell growth. Contains organic cacao powder, natural kaolin clay and sweet orange and carrot oils. 

Balance (all skin types) - Calms and soothes skin to promote a radiant and balanced complexion. Contains kaolin clay, red iron oxide powder, coconut milk, calendula flower extract, aloe vera juice powder, chamomile flower extract, and lavender essential oil.

Use: Mix a small amount with water to form a thick paste. Apply to face. Make a cuppa and let mask dry. After cuppa, rinse with warm water to remove, and for a little exfoliation use a wet Reusable Cotton Make Up Wipe

End of life: Packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable.

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