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Double Muslin Baby Swaddle Wraps


Our gorgeous Double Muslin Baby Swaddle Wraps are a great addition to any nursery. Perfect for baby shower and newborn arrival gifts.

The soft and breathable fabric is great for wrapping up new babies so they feel secure. They also make fabulous bassinet and cot sheets, shade cloths for strollers and prams, drapes for shade and privacy while feeding, rugs for baby to lie on, and change mats when you're out and about.

 Made in Sydney, Australia

 100% Indian cotton

 Overlocked with 100% cotton thread for greater durability

 120 cm x 120 cm

Special thanks to our baby models Milo and Rory.

End of life: Reusable in so many ways once you no longer use them for baby - including to cut up as wipes and cleaning clothes. At very end of life they can be cut up and home composted.

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