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Tasmanian Lavender Heat-Cold Pack


Got a sore spot? Our eco friendly Tasmanian Lavender Heat-Cold Packs are hand made from Merino wool offcuts woven in Australia by Waverley Mills. These lupin bags are a beautiful, plastic-free, non-toxic, reusable alternative for heat and cold treatments. 

  Made in Australia

Filled with Australian Lupin and Tasmanian lavender buds. 

  Fantastic for muscle pain, period cramps, Endometriosis flare-ups  and to warm cold hands and toes in Winter

Standard 36cm x 12cm Weight: about 650g

We also have a variety of Square Packs -  these are really perfect for helping ease cramps.

Extra Large 30cm x 25 cm Weight: 1550g

Use: Microwave for 2 minutes then 30 second intervals until desired temperature is reached, or freeze in a sealed reusable silicon bag.

Packaging: None

End of life: Home compostable and biodegradable

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